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Thermophiles in Love (2016)

Thermophiles in Love (2016) is a multimedia collaboration between Mark Marino, Rob Wittig, Samara Hayley Steele, and Cathy Podezwa.  The larpscript was written by Samara Hayley Steele. A beta-version of the larp was run at the Berkeley Center for New Media at UC Berkeley on October 14th, 2016.  The first two official runs occurred as part of the gallery exhibit at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Society for … Continue reading Thermophiles in Love (2016)

Toward an Ecological-Labor-backed Cryptocurrency

The problem: How do we direct human labor away from destroying our planet’s ecology, and rather towards sustaining our planet’s ecological riches? Musings: Right now we are using a money system backed by debt. In fact, 97% of all money in currculation was created not by the Federal Reserve, but through lending practices. What if instead of using debt to create more money, we used ecological care? … Continue reading Toward an Ecological-Labor-backed Cryptocurrency

Game Design Methodologies for Gender Playability: A Case Study of Thermophiles in Love

This talk was presented as part of the Social Studies of Live Action Role-Playing Games conference held at the European University of St. Petersburg on December 8th-9th, 2016.  A full transcript may be found below.   My name is Samara Hayley Steele, and it is an honor to be here, albeit digitally, at the Social Studies of Live Action Role-Playing Games academic conference at the European University of … Continue reading Game Design Methodologies for Gender Playability: A Case Study of Thermophiles in Love

Gaia Reboot

What if…. …you could do things to help the planet in a coordinated way with other gamers around the world? …what if you did this as part of a game that adapted itself to the needs of different ecological systems? …what if these activities would give you a points in a participating larp or RPG? Welcome to Gaia Reboot. A gaming system that harnesses the organizational … Continue reading Gaia Reboot

Oakland Ecological Incentive Scale

Hundreds, if not thousands, of talented sustainability farmers are finding themselves unable to find employment in their field.  They are being pushed into doing less ecologically beneficial work because their labor is undervalued. Why is sustainable farm labor so undervalued in our society—especially when it has such a high ecological value? The Oakland Ecological Insentive Scale (OEIS) is a way of addressing this problem.  Towards A … Continue reading Oakland Ecological Incentive Scale

Break Silence / End Isolation (2013-14)

Artist’s Statement Break Silence, End Isolation (2013-14) is a piece of procedural performance art exploring themes of connection and isolation in contemporary subjective experience, contrasting contemporary protest culture with state legal apparatuses. This project asks how protests and police interactions become the site of meaning-creation, and included an emergent performance methodology, creating a self-reflexive cycle of media-creation tailored to the present social climate. Additionally, this piece explores … Continue reading Break Silence / End Isolation (2013-14)