Thermophiles in Love (2016) is an alternative reality game spanning websites, social media platforms, film, dance, and larp, centered around a netprov produced by Meanwhile Netprov Studio.  Two runs of the larp were presented as part of the gallery display at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), which can from Nov. 3-6, 2016 in Atlanta, GA.  This project was an implementation of gender playability in game design…  (learn more)


The Los Angeles Freeform and Theatre Larp Collective was co-founded by R. Cheung and Samara Hayley Steele in July of 2016.  Running monthly larps, LAFaTLC has dozens of active members working in collaboration with larpwrites from around the world… (learn more)


Gaia Reboot (2016) a game that embodies a methodological approach towards designing self-regulating ecologically-reflexive paraludic games.  Players can earn two types of points by completing ecologically beneficial tasks… (learn more)


Land Action is a community organization stargazing housing rights and urban farming in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Samara Hayley Steele served as Development Director for Land Action from spring through autumn of 2015, and launched its rebranding campaign in summer of 2015.


Oakland Spring Rising (2015) is a grassroots project to create 40 farms in 40 days in Oakland using vacant land, exploring vicissitudes of food sovereignty, labor organization, and public space-making.  Working alongside Oakland Spring Rising spokesperson David Grefrath, Samara Hayley Steele served as a publicist and event organizer for several of the work days.


Cat Bloc (2014) explored themes of anonymity and behavior in social spaces of civil disobedience.  It spanned performances, fliers, social media, and political organizing.


Break Silence, End Isolation (2014) was a piece of procedural art exploring themes of connection and isolation within contemporary subjective experience, contrasting contemporary protest culture with state legal apparatuses.  (learn more)


Beyond the Aether (2102) was a long-form PvP larp that ran in the Pacific Northwest designed by Paul Vorvick.  Samara Hayley Steele served as a rules design consultant and staff member for the inaugural game event. (learn more)