Toward an Ecological-Labor-backed Cryptocurrency

The problem: How do we direct human labor away from destroying our planet’s ecology, and rather towards sustaining our planet’s ecological riches?

Musings: Right now we are using a money system backed by debt. In fact, 97% of all money in currculation was created not by the Federal Reserve, but through lending practices. What if instead of using debt to create more money, we used ecological care?

The idea in a nutshell: What if we replaced mining rigs with ecological tasks when making cryptocurrency?

Towards a working model: Gaia Reboot is a gaming points system that merges cryptocurrancy with an adaptive pervasive gaming system to create a play-testable model of a new system of value-creation backed by ecological care.

There are several components to this system.

The Points System: Backed by a cryptocurrancy ledger system, the Gaia Reboot point system keeps track of care enacted, as well as providing a system of trading and gifting points. Likewise, these points are paraludic, and can be ported into other games.

The Activity System: Allowing ecologists to work with active players to design relevant and accessible activities that are aligned with larger projects of ecological restoration and care.

The Lifestyle Rating System: Letting players earn additional points based on the ecological impact of their lifestyle practices, the lifestyle rating system is based on the Oakland Ecological Incentive Scale.

Basic User Story

“I want to earn me some Gaia Points, so I pull out my phone, find an activity card, and go do the activity—which was designed by an ecologist. I wait until a random user verifies that the activity that I did was done, and voila: Gaia Points appear in my digital wallet.”