Gaia Reboot

What if….

…you could do things to help the planet in a coordinated way with other gamers around the world?

…what if you did this as part of a game that adapted itself to the needs of different ecological systems?

…what if these activities would give you a points in a participating larp or RPG?

Welcome to Gaia Reboot.
A gaming system that harnesses the organizational power of gamers across the globe to create a self-evolving system of applied ecological transformational healing.


Gaia Reboot is a game that embodies a methodological approach towards designing self-regulating ecologically-reflexive paraludic games.  Players can earn two types of points by completing ecologically beneficial tasks. Points are tallied in a blockchain ledger system that tracks multiple types of points being earned, all of which are calculated using the time-stamped Gaia point. Ecologists serve as task-creators and moderators, using biomass evaluations and ecological health measurements to reify each task.  Their work also counts towards earning points within the gameplay structure.  Players with enough GP may be invited to train with ecologists to learn take on their roles.

This point system is modular and paraludic, facilitating the creation of infinite game universes that use this points system as its base.  Hundreds of game designers might use this system to underlay their game story world.  Also, with a little work, Gaia Reboot can be integrated with the points systems of preexisting campaign games such as LARPs, tabletops, capital, deck-building games, and MMORPGs.

This game is a work in progress, offering framework for a system that requires further collaborative work between game designers, ecologists, and web developers.  Updates as the system develops may be found below.

Gaia Reboot latest version: May 2017 (Download PDF)
Gaia Reboot update: April 2017
(Download PDF)
Gaia Reboot first version: January 2016 (Download PDF)

This Game was part of the official program of the 2016 Living Games Conference in Austin, TX.

Gaia Reboot was, in part, developed through the generous sponsorship of Holigent, a Los Angeles based non-profit founded by A. Nicholas Frank and Elsa Frank.